My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Monday, December 29, 2008

menu monday - 1st edition

ok, after posting the menu blog i realized it was pretty i am trying to shorten it...
just for the record, i have cooked two nights - now this may not sound like alot, but i follow the time line...i got my cookbook on christmas...cooked my first meal friday night after working all day...left for south alabama on back sunday...and cooked tonight after working all i have kept to my resolution...i made impossible taco pie which by the way rocks!!!!

the next menus may seem a repeat of what i posted originally, but i have rearranged the here goes

Monday - taco pie
Tuesday - corn dogs and fries
Wednesday - meat loaf and yellow rice casserole
Thursday - ranch pork chops, black eyed peans and greens (New Year's Day)
Friday - take out - it is payday

taco pie - scramble hamburger meat with taco seasoning, put in square pyrex greased, mix 3/4 cup bisquick, 3 eggs and 1 1/4 cup milk together and pour over the meat - bake at 400 for 25 min, take out and put your regular taco toppings on it - delicious

yellow rice casserole - 1 box zatarins yellow rice, cooked, 1 can mexicorn and 1 cup cheese, mix cooked rice and corn together, dump in casserole dish, put cheese on top and bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted

ranch pork chops - 1 tbsp. vegetable oil
4 boneless pork chops, 3/4-inch thick
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 soup can milk
1 pkg. ranch salad dressing mix

Heat the oil in a 10-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pork and cook until it's well browned on both sides. Stir the soup, milk and 1/2 package salad dressing mix in the skillet and heat to a boil. Reduce the heat to low. Cover and cook for 10 minutes or until the pork is cooked through.

sounds yummy to me....

i am hoping that some of my "stalkers" may leave me comments now that i am on this food kick!!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

random thoughts from the past week.....

i will warn you that this post may be a little lengthy, but i hope it will be read, make others think about some things in a different way and possibly make you laugh...if nothing else it gives you a little glimpse into what goes through my head, goes on in my life and what i long for....

as many of you know i work as the director of social services at a nursing home - that is what most people call it anyway - let me give you the newest politically correct name - living center - at first i thought this was odd...but i thought about it - it really is a living center - most people view "nursing homes" as a place to go and some instances it is but more often than not it is a place that people have found themselves only because life has dealt them a bad hand...i have several residents who are under 55 and some over 100- many of them are pretty independent but just need some serious medical care...we had a christmas party for the residents on tuesday - santa and mrs clause came - thanks ralph and monta faye - those residents absolutely loved it - it brought back the magic of christmas - something they had long forgotten - it helped of course that santa played the accordion too...some of the other things we do are go out to lunch at cracker barrel, that is their favorite, a group of them like mexican so we go out to eat mexican sometimes, we have spa days - manicures and pedicures, aroma therapy, crafts - not coloring books - actually make stuff, movie days - old black and whites and modern movies...we have two weenie dogs, bubba joe and sissy lynn that live there...i say all this to say, i hope that people will begin to look at nursing homes, extended care facilities, skilled nursing facilities or whatever you call them as "LIVING CENTERS" not the death dorms...i am not about to say that we don't have some sad things that go on...yes we have hospice patients, we have some psych patients and we have some very young patients who are completely helpless...but that is not totally what we are all if you find yourself looking for something to do in the new year either as a volunteer project, expanding your knowledge or teaching your children how to serve others...a LIVING CENTER is a great place to start.....

jacob is in boy scouts...this has been a wonderful experience for him and he has learned so much...we were at his pack christmas party and they had a visitor...santa...well on the way home jacob and i have this conversation:

jacob: momma, i don't know about this santa clause thing
me: what do you mean
jacob: well i am just a little confused
me: why
jacob: you mean to tell me we are nine days from christmas and santa stopped what he was doing at the north pole and came all the way to lincoln, alabama, to see some boy scouts
me: well jacob, i know that is hard to believe, but santa has helpers because i just don't think he could do it all by himself

it breaks my heart that the magic of christmas may soon be leaving my youngest...but i hope that when he does figure out the truth that he does not lose the excitement of christmas morning

jacob and aubie were watching a movie the other day and a little boy was making his christmas list on a sheet of paper...he ran out of room so he got another sheet of paper and stapled it to the first sheet and when he ran out of room on that sheet of paper he got another one and repeated the process...jacob said to know that is a good idea...i think i will get me a scroll for my christmas list next year....

jamie has grown up into a young lady that i am so proud to say is my daughter...she is beautiful, thoughtful, tender hearted, caring and on and on i could go...both she and jacob have been around elderly people all of their lives because of the kind of work i do...jacob is okay with it in small amounts but jamie is the best about it...she went to work with me the day of the christmas party...she worked all day...she helped on the alzheimer's unit by ironing table cloths, setting the tables, making bows for the tables, coloring happy birthday signs for resident's doors, helped a resident wrap christmas presents for her grandchildren, fed the puppies, took pictures, handed out christmas gifts and cards, helped decorate the dining room to get ready for the party and so much the end of the day she said, "momma, i won't ever fuss at you again when you say you are too tired to go to walmart"...i thought this was precious because she saw first hand that even on the very best days when things are is alot of work....jamie wants to be a nurse...i think she will be a great nurse...she has the background to know what it is like to be sick...she has had cancer, lost her hair, has only one kidney, has to follow a special diet, etc....i think she will find her niche of people to work with and they will be blessed to have her taking care of them...

if you let satan, he will steal your joy...i have never been really good at buying my family gifts...i can't ever seem to ever really find that "perfect" gift...or if i do they figure it out before they open it...well this year was no different as far as presents go...we will discuss the rest mom had been talking that she wanted an electric stand alone mixer...well i knew momma would never buy one for i found one and was so excited...i had found the perfect gift for momma - besides this meant she could whip out those chocolate cakes faster...anyway i get it home and wrapped...well my sister comes out to my house and says, "what is that big box", and i tell her...she says, "daddy bought that for momma friday." i about fell out...first of all...those of you who know my dad know that he does not listen nor remember anything...or so we thought...he had heard momma say that and well the rest is history...i was so mad...well i ended up getting momma an outfit and the kids got her a gown...later on i told momma about what happened...she laughed and told me "it is better that it turned out this way...cause you know what kind of clothes i buy them in the right size and you always get me the perfect gown" that made me feel better, but i thought, what are the odds that my dad would listen to somebody, would remember and then buy the very same thing....i guess miracles have not ceased....

speaking of telling people stuff...i had told my family that my new year's resolution was going to be to cook better for my family - not necessarily cook better as in healthy but being better about cooking supper - well they took me seriously...i got a 5 qt tfal skillet, a bagel / bread toaster and a new cookbook...i was real excited about the cookbook because it is one i have been wanting....

finally, i told a friend of mine that somewhere in my mind i have a norman rockwell nostalgic idea of what christmas should be like or what i want it to be has never been this way and i doubt it ever will be...but there are little pieces of it that i can pull out and make part of that is sending christmas cards...i sent out many cards, but there were so many more i wanted to send...i did not send them because i did not have if you are reading this and i don't have your address please send it to me...even if you are a cyber friend i would love to be able to drop you a card in the mail throughout the year - this is something small that i really like to do...

i guess that is enough for now - aside from the fact it is 230 in the AM...just had some quiet time and wanted to is to all and blessings for the new year

yummy yummmy to my family's tummy...

i got an awesome cookbook for christmas so tonight i made a recipe from it...chicken pie...the cookbook is called georgia cooking from an oklahoma kitchen - trisha yearwood's family cookbook - it was soooooooooo good and soooooooooooo easy...

2 cups of shredded chicken
2 cups of chicken broth
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of cream of celery soup
1 cup of self rising flour
1 stick butter - melted
1 cup of buttermilk

cook the chicken and set aside

in a boiler mix the liquids and bring to a boil

pour mixture over chicken in 2 qt casserole dish

mix flour butter and buttermilk together and pour over chicken mixture - even it out but do not stir

bake at 425 for 45 minutes

mmmmmmmmm good....even jacob ate it...

i hope everyone had a merry new year's resolution is to cook better for my this i mean to simply cook...usually it is throwing something together...i usually end up cooking the same things over and again...tacos, spaghetti, hot dogs, etc...

so in an effort to "get organized" -becky don't faint - i am putting together monthly menus with recipes and grocery lists - let's see how this works...if it works i may post a weeks menu and grocery list...maybe it will help some other poor momma who is trying to keep everything going that we have to....

Friday, December 19, 2008

why is it?

why is it that when you make a concerted effort to do what is mess up even worse? i have never been a big fan of the holidays until i had children...i do not get excited about christmas except for the meaning behind it and watching my children open their presents...i don't really enjoy christmas shopping for my family...for my friends i love it but fam no...i guess i have this nostalgic view of what i want christmas to be like in my family...well it never has been that way and i guess it never will in point...i thought that when i got older my mom, sister and myself would go shopping for my dad's presents and my dad, my sister and myself would go shopping for my mom's gifts...well i guess i don't count because my mom and my sister went and my dad and my sister went...all the while i am working...i feel like the only person on this plot of land out here who actually has any top it all off i found the perfect present for my mom which is not easy...only to find out that my dad had already bought it for her...i seriously think i am going to spend next christmas in the soup kitchen serving those people who truly appreciate the meaning of the season...i know i sound bah humbugish right now, but that flew all over me...let's not mention the fact that on their shopping trip today they told me they were not going to get lunch...this is after i have asked them to come eat lunch with know the one who is working...well they call to tell me they are on their way home and ARE STUFFED...they had just eaten at chili's!!!!!!!!!!!! why is it that this makes me mad? i just feel like i do not fit into anyone's schedule and no one wants to do anything with it a pity party if you want but i am having it!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jamie's 17th Birthday

We had Jamie's 17th birthday party Friday night. I cannot believe she is that old - this time next year I will be getting ready for her to graduate. For those of you who don't know our story - here is the Readers Digest condensed version. I met her dad on January 2, 1997, at a mutual friend's apartment. I was working 3rd shift at the local ER and just wanted to go get something to eat before I went to work. Well everybody started backing out. I was irritated and said, "Look, I am going to get something to eat, if anybody wants to go come on!" Well the only person that showed up was Stephen, my hubby. I have often told people that I fell in love with Jamie before I fell in love with Stephen - and that is the honest truth. We got married in August of that year. I became a wife, a parent and preacher's wife all in a matter of 8 months! I would not change anything! Jamie is my daughter that I always wanted. I was told many times that I would not have children, and so I was okay with that. God blessed me with this beautiful daughter. I have watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady that has a heart of gold. Jamie had finished her last round of chemotherapy right before Stephen and I met. She had lost all of her hair, but she had not lost that gorgeous smile! I remember she would take my afghan and wrap around her head and tie it back with a ponytail holder. This was her hair. I remember Stephen sitting on the side of the bed sewing up her Barbie gown with matching pink thread - I was impressed! I remember the first night I met her at McDonald's in Troy. She was wearing a 101 Dalmations sweatsuit. Becky and I had gone to WalMart to buy her some 101 Dalmations coloring books and wrapped it in matching paper. I remember we were playing in the ball pit and I got out to get one. When I bent over she kicked me square in the rear end. I remember the first day of Kindergarden at W.O. Parmer - or as Jamie said, "W.O. Farmer." She wore this outifit that was pink, white and mint green check with little ducks on it. She walked down the sidewalk with her lunchbox, turned around, waved and said, "You can go Momma." Then there was the time she had gotten in trouble at school for trading penicls - oh my isn't that the cardinal sin" anyway the principal asked her where her mom worked because she was going to "call her and tell her what you have done." Jamie said, "The Princess House." The principal got real mad. The funny thing is I was selling Princess House crystal at the time. I remember the first time she let me fix a "boo boo". That had always been Daddy's job. We have had so many "I remembers" and I hope there are many more to come. Jamie if you read this I hope you know how much I love you! You are my sweet angel!

Jamie, Austin & Katie with her presents and cake! Katie & Jamie Thanks Aubie & Poppa Jamie's Birthday Cake - homemade red velvet - it fell over in the car - thanks aubie! Jamie & Jacob with Foxxy

Saturday, December 13, 2008

my 8

8 TV shows I watch:
1. Intervention
2. Clean House
3. CSI
4. Law & Order: SVU
5. Biography
6. Sanford & Son
7. The Andy Griffin show
8. The Comedy Channel

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. PF Changs
2. Superior Grill
3. The Great Wall
4. chic-fil-a
5. steak out
6. logans
7. El Cazadore
8. O'Carr's

8 Things that happened this week:
1. went to the doc
2. had a mri
3. found out my s1 is fractured - yes that is a result of me flying out the front door
4. had a nerve block - thank God for modern medicine and pain meds
5. did some christmas shopping
6. played one of santa's elves to some unsuspecting people
7. cleaned house - a little
8. most importantly - rededicated myself to Jesus

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Christmas day - seeing my kids open presents
2. seeing my niece Hannah
3. sleep precious sleep
4. when my house is clean
5. getting the rest of the floors down
6. jamie getting her permit
7. kids christmas break - no getting them up early
8. each new day

8 Things I wish for/pray for:
1. to be a good momma, wife, friend - much better than i have been
2. for my children to become Christians
3. a cure for cancer
4. peace in my extended family
5. my sister to get clean
6. that no parent should ever lose a child. i just don't get it. it tears me up inside even for people i have never met. - i am copying becky on this one and the last two
7. for my children to be healthy
8. to have a home in Heaven

8 people I tag:
i don't really have 8 bloggers to tag but here goes...
1. amy
2. allison
3. anyone else who wants to

Thursday, December 11, 2008

thankful thursday...

ok so as i have always said, "failure is never final unless it is the last time you try" one day i will be consistent with doing a weekly thankful thursday goes

1. i am thankful for modern technology...after a long day in many offices at various medical wonderlands called hospitals...i do have ANOTHER kidney stone.

2. i am thankful for pain medicine - if you have ever had a stone you know what i mean

3. i am thankful for my children - jamie will be 17 years old tomorrow

4. i am thankful for this time of year - it makes me take stock of all of my blessings - especially those that i have not been so mindful of in the past

5. i am thankful that although i have multiple health problems, i am still able to work

7. i am thankful that my children are pretty much old enough to fix their own food in the event mom is otherwise occupied - i.e with a kidney stone

8. i am thankful that one day there will be no more hurt, aches, sadness or illness...we will all be in that promise land of eternal peace and joy

9. i am thankful that i have friends that although they may not hear from me everyday, they are always there for me...i hope they can say the same thing about me

10. i am thankful that i have made it to number 10, this still makes sense and i am under the influence of some major pain medications...i will try again next thursday when i am not intoxicated....

Sunday, December 07, 2008

the past week...

nothing real exciting has happened this past week...really the same routine as usual...however, i did get my christmas tree up, a new floor in my den, one cat given away, my office half way clean...and managed not to kill anyone...that is a dad is on his way home from one of his many gypsy trips, my kids are ready for christmas break, i have a very dear friend in need of everyone's know who you are...i got to spend the afternoon with another good friend by her fireplace and looking at her christmas tree...i did find these great pics of my daughter... i think she is the most awesome girl in the world...have a great week....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

call me a copycat if you want...

i have a dear friend, becky, who is so funny and creative..she is very talented as well...some of her talents i did not find out about until after she had children..for example sewing and crafts...anyway she did a blog post that listed 101 things about her that some people may or may not know...the cool thing about it is there were some things that i did not know about her and we were college roommates...the other cool thing is that i have met so many people through this virtual cyberspace world we live in and hopefully they may follow the lead of listing 101 things about themselves that will allow me to get to know them better through our i have said all of this to say here is my 101...these are in no particular order...they are listed as they come to me...

1. i am 33 years old
2. married for 11 years to the most wonderful man in the world
3. have two children - jamie is 16 and jacob is 9
4. there is nothing better than being a momma- not a mom, not a mother but a momma
5. my children are as different as night and day - both are dramas but are different
6. i had a very unique childhood..some parts better than others..but i always knew i was loved
7. i know more off the wall songs due to the music i grew up with - peter, paul and mary, arlo guthrie, johnny cash - need i say more - my hubby calls me the human karoke machine
8. i grew up in lincoln, al - very small town in talladega county
9. my momma is a school teacher - so she knew what i had done before i did
10. have the greates momma in the world - she is the forever optimist - pulls the good out of everything but she will tell you when enough is enough
11. had a great and wonderful grandma that i really did not appreciate until i was older
12. have another granny that is insane - in a good way - she wears tennis shoes and blue jeans and before she lost her sight drove sporty cars
13. i have a bachelors degree in social work from uab with a minor in biology and psychology - a combo huh
14. i am the director of social services at a skilled nursing facility
15. i have worked many areas of social services but long term care is where i belong and where God called me to be
16. i work great under pressure - i have often been told i work my best when everything blows up
17. i care to a fault about my job and my residents
18. my hubby is a web server engineer at blue cross blue shield - computer nerd
19. he graduated from troy university with a bs in information systems and criminal justice and minors in accounting and business admin - more degrees than a thermometer
20. miss my father in law more and more each day
21. have the greatest sister in law ever - i love you cathy
22. love to clip coupons and send them to friends in a card - especially those friends with children - at least it is not another bill in the mail
23. love surprises - not like you becky - i guess that is why i loved it when you rearranged our dorm room
24. love to read - i deal with so much sadness, disfunction etc that i escape through my books...go somewhere entirly different
25. am an insulin dependent diabetic with an insulin pump
26. i have coded three times - that means quit breathing - never seen "the light" - don't want to see it but it did change my view on life
27. strange things happen to me - got any questions or want to know email me
28. totally dependent on my cell phone
29. played trumpet, clarinet, french horn and mellophone in band - of course not all at one time
30. my motto is "failure is never final unless it is the last time you try"
31. want to have a clean and organized house...the Lord knows i am trying - miranda can testify to that
32. always striving to be a better Christian and sometimes, more often than not, feel like a complete failure
33. love clearance racks anywhere - home depot, dollar tree, shoe store it does not matter
34. love coffee - anytime
35. very opinonated - if you don't believe it just ask me about something- but if i am wrong i will be the first to admit it and apologize if necessary
36. probably know more about long term care, federal and state regulations and useless stuff than the average joe- but hey i may be on jeopardy one day
37. have the best friends in the entire world
38. love comedy movies
39. live for the show clean house, intervention and extreme home makeover - that is my social work show
40. admire my momma - if you don't know her story - email me
41. am partially ocd - only about some things - my office at work
42. i take great pride in my work and am very maticulous about how it looks, it is written etc...
43. try to be the voice of those who do not have a voice - elderly, disabled, children
44. have strong political views - believe it or not i am a republican and a social worker...usually it is a democrat and a social worker
45. love animals - my dad used to call me ellie mae
46. have hundreds of great ideas in my head they just never get out
47. if i pick up a book and read the first page i have to finish it - just a quirk
48. love mary kay products
49. should own stock in kirklands
50. addicted to blogging and reading others blogs - i think beck calls it "stalking"
51. my momma did not name me - my dad and sister did - momma was not happy with the name - she was knocked out
52. have more than i deserve
53. very goal oriented
54. i am a nerd - i love to learn - i am never satisfied
55. was involved in just about every club you could be involved with in high school and was president of most of them
56. will one day be heard in montgomery on my soapbox about adult services in alabama
57 will send out an email in a heartbeat if i have a bone to pick - ie the newspaper, a company, the governors office, state agencies
58. admire school teachers - i subbed for two months and let's just say that is not my calling
59. my dad is a dreamer and a gypsy
60. love to travel
61. from the time i was 12 years old i wanted to be a flight nurse
62. went to nursing school but my health just did not allow me to finish
63. happy i chose medical social work because i use all that i learned in nursing school everyday
64. love to throw things away - it is refreshing
65. love to mark things off my eternal to do list
66. read the obituaries - morbid huh? - this goes back to my grandmother - also because i have worked in long term care so long - i usually find out about former patients
67. love football - especially ALABAMA football
68. love the fall and the spring - not too hot not too cold
69. loathe coats - they just do not fit me right
70. don't wear heels - my daughter says, "if momma has on hose or heels somebody has died"
71 am not a morning person - never claimed to be
72. usually only watch informational, documentary or medical shows on tv
73 read just about anything in print
74 read the wedding announcements in the sunday paper every sunday - this is comic relief for me because some of these announcements are so sappy - good grief
75. agree with beck - i hate those forwards that say if you don't forward this you don't love jesus
76. love surveys...most of them
77. could eat "thanksgiving ham" everyday of the year
78. just gave my bedroom a facelift - for the first time in my life i have a bedroom that is coordinated - curtains included
79. cannot sleep on my back
80. have no veins - so if anyone ever tells you i am an iv drug user you know they are lying
81 accepting of the fact that i am fat...God made me that way...will not try to gain weight but will not obsess over losing it either
82. am a fan of hot wings with good blue cheese dressing
83. gardenias are my favorite flower
84. have never bought my husband any clothing that i picked out - he is so picky - he will not allow me to buy clothes for him
85. have a horrible fear of having to go on dialysis one day - remember i am diabetic
86. passionate about finding a cure for cancer, particularly childhood cancers, and alzheimer's disease - both have touched my life very closely - my daughter and grandmother
87. love to give hugs
88. love to leave funky stickers on coworkers workspace so that when they come back they will smile
89.must have a tv in my room
90 must read before i go to bed
91. have had more surgeries in my 33 years than carter has liver pills
92. hate to go to the doctor because he usually puts me in the hospital like 5 out of 10 times - then i have to listen to people say, "you're back in the hospital."
93. miss riding to work with my hubby - adult time is precious
94. miss having lunch with my hubby
95. wish for a beautiful yard that people envy
96. wish i had a new pair of socks for every day of the year - yes that means wear them one time and throw them away
97. have dreamed and still dream of writing a book about my life experiences both personally and professionally - it would be called "it's a good thing" - there is a story behind the title
98. elvis is my hero - not for his lifestyle but good grief how could someone sing so beautifully - can you say "blue christmas"
99. have some family that should be in bryce - they may say the same thing about me but hey....
100. cannot eat something hot and drink something must be something cold to drink
101. that i actually have friends that read this whole list...

bonus - just like beck said that my Jesus loves me even through ALL of my MANY faults and issues

hopefully you know more about me now than you did before...i hope you will still talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thankful thursday...

ok so i have not been faithful to do a thankful thursday every thursday...but as a dear friend once told me, failure is never final unless it is the last time you try, so here goes...

1. i am thankful that i did not break anything when i decided to go skiing out the front door yesterday - my hubby's comment was, did you break your know they have a room for you at the nursing home!

2. my den is painted and my new floors will be down when i get home from my in laws on sunday - thanks miranda and kevin

3. my job - i get to truly help people everyday = i get to see them smile over very simple things = a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a sticker that says, you rock, just the simple things

4. my children - i have the two best kids in the world - they love me unconditionaly

5. my hubby - yes he is a smarty pants - but he is amazing

6. my friends - those i have had forever, those i have reunited with through cyberspace and those that i have met through cyberspace

7. for each new day - although i try to make the most of each day, i know that if i live to see the next day i have the opportunity to do a "do over"

8. for the show "clean house" - first it makes me realize that there are other people whose house looks worse than mine, second, it gives me ideas of what to do in my own house

9. that although this world has many mean people in this world, but it is full of good, nice people who just don't get the spotlight

10. all the blessings that God gives me that i may not realize

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Mother's Prayer

I found this and just cried...I had a real bad day today with the kids and was pretty ugly to them. I found this and remembered God did give me the honor of being a mother to the two most wonderful children in the world. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear Lord, It's such a hectic day,
With little time to stop and pray,
For Life's been anything but calm,
Since You called me to be a Mom,
Running errands, matching socks,
Building dreams with matching blocks,
Cooking, cleaning, finding shoes,
And other stuff that children lose,
Fitting lids on bottled bugs,
Wiping tears and giving hugs,
A stack of last week's mail to read,
So where's the quiet time I need?
Yet, when I steal a moment, Lord,
Just at the sink or ironing board,
To ask the blessings of Your grace,
I see them, in my small one's face,
That you have blessed me
All the while --
And I stoop to kiss
That precious smile.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

what kind of flower are you?

i found this on another blogger's site...i thought it was pretty cool...interestingly enough snapdragons are one of my favorite flowers....see which one you are and pass on the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

successful saturday

i am not sure that anyone reads my blogs anymore, but regardless i will continue to write. i started my day by making two home health visits. i really did not want to do that early this morning especially as cold as it was...but i went. i am thankful that i did because both of the visits made me realize i am a lucky duck...i really don't have any problems. i then went to the grocery store for me and my mom...again doing something for someone else always makes you feel better...came home to find that my hubby and children had been cleaning house...i was shocked...went to get jamie's boyfriend, austin. came back home started supper, homemade chicken fetuccine alfredo, and began remodeling the den...we ripped out the carpet and will begin painting tomorrow...i also cleaned up most of my bedroom...not sure where this energy came from but i am not going to argue with it...i love it when i feel like doing something...hopefully it will continue....have a great sunday!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

you can't put a dollar sign on a peace of mind

there is a new song by the zac brown band called "chicken fried" says, a little bit of chicken fried, a cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right and the radio on...

in a few lines it says, "you can't put a dollar sign on a peace of mind." i love that line..that is so true

some days are better than others and we handle situations differently, but at the end of the day as long as i have peace of mind i am ok.

in my line of work i feel like all i do is fuss at people and correcting mistakes and blunders that happen in the nursing home...but at the end of day i can usually lay my head down and know that i have tried to do my best to help someone...that is peace of mind

today i got to be part of something that was pretty remarkable. i got to go the day program in st clair county which is a program for mentally disabled individuals. these individuals come to this program everyday and learn different skills. i was able to be part of presenting a check for $500 to the program that will help buy christmas presents for these special angels. it was real humbling. things that we take for granted, eating, cleaning up, toileting, crafts...these people have to work really hard to accomplish these tasks...they were so innocent and loving and was just real special.

another thing i got to do this week was dress up for halloween with my i was a deviled egg..don't ask..i will post pictures later...these elderly people had so much fun being kids and having fun...sometimes we forget how to have fun...we dressed our weenie dogs, sissy lynn and bubba joe, up as hot was great

it has been a good few days...yes i have bumps in the road...but i have peace of mind...that is all that matters.........

i found this online...think about it...

Peace Amid Chaos

I don’t know anyone who is especially peaceful at this moment. The whole world feels a bit threatening. So many of us find ourselves in a tumultuous and unsure state of being. We are filled with fears and worries – about losing our homes, jobs, retirement packages, freedom. We are concerned about the state of our nation, the election, the war. Each day presents a new struggle we must grapple with. There is no doubt these are tough times. However, if we try to redefine our personal definition of peace, and look for gentle ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives, we might find a way to better weather the storms.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

pay it forward

I got this from Becky - anyone wanna play???

THE RULES: The main focus is doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward. I will send a small, fun gift to the first 3 bloggers who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this information and pick 3 people they want to send something to and then the game will continue!! If you are interested in participating, be one of the first 3 bloggers to leave a comment!! The little something you send can be something you made, bought, were given or found, anything you want!! Just a gift that will make the person's day!! You have to promise that you will then post about this on your blog, link back to me, and then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog.Ok...ready...set...go!

Monday, October 20, 2008

candid shots....

Absolute Natural!

Another natural....

Jamers and Sissy Lynn!

Me and Bubba Joe!

Jacob playing putt putt!

Lexies Outlaw Dude...aka DUDE THE WONDERDOG!!!

Jamie & Sissy Lynn

What are you looking at?

And the winner is........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

paws in the park

i may have told some of you this, but if not....we have two puppies, sissy lynne golden and bubba joe golden. they are weenie dogs that live with us at golden living center. do you think the names are appropriate? anyway,today was paws in the park in our little part of the world! i have never been real big on these kinds of events, but i got nominated to take the our puppies, sissy lynn and bubba joe, to the park. it was kind of a marketing strategy as well as they had on golden living tshirts. they were the cutest top it off they won prettiest girl and most handsome man. we also took my bassett, dude, with us...we had so much fun..we will definately do this next year....hope you enjoy the pics...some of them are also of jacob playing putt putt....

Jamie with Bubba Joe and Sissy Lynne!

Jacob playing putt putt - watch out Tiger Woods!

Our WINNERS for Prettiest Girl and Most Handsome Boy!!!!

We had so much fun! It was not what i had was much more fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

need to unwind

been a long week at work, but hopefully i can relax a little this weekend...went to see a friend of mine on the way home from work on was great. we were friends in high school that kind of was a love hate relationship..we were musical rivals..but anyway, we have gotten back in touch recently...he is going to be a dear friend of mine for a long time...he knows who he is...

i am excited about going to paws in the park tomorrow...i am taking our two weinie dogs, bubba joe and sissy lynn. they are the puppies at the nursing home and they are ROTTEN. i am also taking dude, my beloved bassett hound.

just some random pictures of the fam....


JACONATOR!!! this is typical jacob...never slowing down..ready to save the world from all danger!

please disregard the broom and dust pan in the background...i have not figured out how to crop pictures yet...or maybe i just don't know how to put things up!

this is my beautiful daughter who i don't know what i would do without her...she is really my best friend in more ways than she knows...i love her dearly

Thursday, October 16, 2008

thankful thursday

today it is a little hard to find things to be thankful for as it has been an extremely stressful day at work...but i am going to try to reverse my current mood by thinking of what i am thankful for...

1. report card day - no one is grounded
2. a great hubby that does not get mad when it hits the fan at work & i am late coming home
3. we are closer to my hubby having lap band surgery
4. my cousin is finally happy, free, in a new house and beginning a new life
5. friends
6. new socks - i bought some new ones this week - they are so cute
7. 5 more car payments and one car will be paid for
8. a work day only is 8 hours long
9. some days the best part of the day is when you can go to bed
10. my family - even the crazy ones!

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

kid stories...

there is really not a whole lot of point to this blog other than craziness in my house

story #1
i was told today at work that i had to do care plans for deceased do i implement this when they have gone to the big house? i guess i am in the celestial care planning business!

story #2
i called home yesterday and asked jamie, my sweet air headed 16 year old, to please scramble the hamburger meat, drain it and leave it in the sink. i told her when i got home i would finish supper when i got home. as i pulled into the yard, she comes out on the porch and says...i could not cook the hamburger meat...why...because the meat skillet was dirty. this is actually the conversation. she acts like we have only one skillet in the house...she says are you mad...i say no just confused...i say did it ever cross your mind that you could have washed it. you could tell by the look on her face that the thought never did cross her mind. this is the same child who is to graduate next year and thinks i am going to let her go off to college by herself.

story #3
jacob had a major meltdown at walmart sunday night...WHY?...because jamie got something and he did not...would you like to know what she got? a BRA! my only response was, "would you like some underwear?" that is all i am going to say...only if you have kids - plural - will you understand.

that is all for now - i am sure there will be more to come.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

satisfaction saturday

ok this blog may be a little elementary but here goes...i have had the best started by going to my high school homecoming...we are undefeated and ranked 2nd in the state..we played a team, coosa central...bless their hearts...we beat them 86 to 36. it was pitiful...but fun...i got to see a bunch of friends from high school that i don't get to see very often...GO LINCOLN GOLDEN BEARS!

then auburn got beat by arkansas...SOOIE SOOIE!!!!!i hated that vandy got beat by mississippi state...that should not have happened...bama taking a day off...possibly moving to number 1...tennessee got beat and at this moment lsu is getting beat!!!

i am at my mother in law's house right now...when i come down here i don't have to do a matter of fact she told me and stephen to go out to eat dinner and she would watch the does not get better than that!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

thankful thursdays - 1st edition

as stated in an earlier post, i am borrowing from a friend of min for a weekly post, "thankful thursdays". so here goes the 1st edition.

1. i am thankful for lazy days when i can stay in bed with my kiddos around me and watch cartoons.

2. i am thankful for my job - i love working with the elderly - they are such an inspiration and great story tellers

3. i am thankful that i do not have any major problems - addictions, financial, marital, etc.

4. i am thankful for coffee - enough said.

5. i am thankful for my husband who helped me clean up the dining room and the formal living room today.

6. i am thankful for clorox wipes - they get stuff so much cleaner than a rag and detergent

7. i am thankful for ALABAMA football

8. i am thankful that i have come back into contact with several friends from high school through the internet

9. i am thankful that i have two great kids who at times i would like to ring their necks, but all in all they are great kids

and finally,
10. i am thankful that i live way out in the country and no one comes to visit because my house is never clean!

have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

always keep your receipt...

i must share this story with everyone...i had two pair of blue jeans i had bought for jacob at dollar general...well of course they did not fit...he is the hardest child to fit for clothes...anyway, i lost my receipt but i knew i could take them back and "exchange" them for some other items we needed.

well i go into the dollar general i always go into and tell the cashier what i wanted to do...she said i proceed to go pick up some items that we needed. bear in mind i am expecting to exchange these pants for other items that total about $20.00 - the pants were $10.00 a piece. so i get to the counter and the cahsier takes the jeans to ring them up for comes up they are only worth A PENNY! i asked if this was a mistake and she no because they had just had a clearance sale on their clothes...i proceeded to tell her that the tag was still on the pants. needless to say i did not get to exchange the pants because they were only worth 2 cents!

now i must tell you that i became a basement person! keep in mind that i have a major sinus infection because it has been raining. so i already did not feel good. i told her i did not want the i am walking out the door with my jeans she says "do you need a bag for those?" i said ,"no they are only worth 2 cents." i left the buggy sitting at the register with all the stuff in it.

probably not the best thing and the christian thing to do, but good grief!!!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Being a Balcony Person

i have been guilty in the past of using my blog as a place to vent about family issues, work issues or anything else that ticked me off. well i am heading in a new direction. i am going to try to use this as an inspirational avenue for those people who might need to be lifted up. all of this comes on the heels of a presentation i did over the weekend at a ceu opportunity. the name of the presentation was "balcony people". i really was shocked that as i did this presentation i was really realizing that i was a basement person instead of a balcony person. so, let me define the difference....

a balcony person is a person who believes in you, who pulls you up when you are down, someone who comes and cleans your house just because you are stressed beyond words, someone who may not agree with your ideas but will support you.

a basement person is someone who would gripe about being hung with a new rope. they never have anything nice to say, it is always woe is me, it is all about me, never satisfied with anything, just miserable birds.

as i did this presentation i began to feel that i had become a basement person. i cannot be a basement person and be a christian, a good social worker, a parent or a wife. so this presentation was as much for me as it was for the audience.

i am not saying that i will never have another basement momment, but i am going to try to keep them to a minimum. if any of you start to see my being a basement person, please call me on it.

i am also going to borrow an idea from my friend, becky, and try to do a thankful thursday post. i think i will be more of a balcony person if i think about and acknowledge what i have to be thankful for.

ps let's not be like the man in the Bible who sat in the window, fell asleep and fell out the window.....

i hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Being Lazy & Catching Up on Thoughts

Well, I have been at my new job for a month! I am really enjoying it - especially since it is 15 minutes from my home. Even when I have to take the kids to school it is still just 30 minutes from home to school to work. It is really cool in the fact that it is a small building and it has a family feel to it. I actually get to sit with my residents and talk about whatever they want to talk about. They tell me stories that are amazing. One man had been in the bed for three days so I was asked to go and see what was going on with him. He told me he would be 95 years old in a couple of weeks, and he was ready to go see his wife. She had died several years ago. He was really missing her - it was also their anniversary. We talked a little longer and he began to perk up. He finally told me that there was nothing wrong with him that 1/5 borboun (sp?) would not fix. I thought that was funny coming from a 95 year year old!

Although I liked working on the oncology unit with end of life issues, I really love the nursing home. My motto has always been, "They come here to live not die!" So many people are scared of old people. They are just a wonderful generation of people who have brought more joy to my life than I will ever be able to return. For Halloween, each department head is to pick a resident and together come up with a costume that we can wear together. Then the other residents will judge the costumes to pick a winner. I have chosen this lady who we will only call Shirley. She is a hoot! She carries a fly flap on the back of her wheelchair. When I asked her about it she told me it was to pop sassy social workers on the rear end! Anyway, we are going to wear grey sweatsuits with a huge black P painted in the middle. We are going to blacken our eye and we will be "The Black Eyed Peas." The other idea is for me to dress like a cow and she as the moon, and we would be the cow jumping over the moon! This is what is fun! This is what I hope brings some joy to their lives.

Kids are doing good - I guess. They are in a weird stage right now. Get this...I come home from work yesterday to find my hubby in his underwear and my son running around NAKED! When I asked why neither of them had on clothes, I was told, "There were no women here and we just wanted to be free!" What is it with men and their frank and beans!!!!!!!

It is true, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Revelations Conversations with a Teenager....

You have not lived until you have tried to explain the book of Revelations to a teenager. Now it is hard enough to understand the book of Revelations as an adult. Stephen and I have just lived through 20 questions, and that is being conservative, of what that book means. I also have often thought that teenagers don't think about anything but clothes, friends, music, food and sleep. Well let me tell you more goes through those heads than I ever thought. Jamie has asked some questions that me and Stephen just looked at each other are we supposed to answer that.

After this conversation, I realized that I have done miserable job as a parent because I am not able to inteligently answer the questions that she puts before me. I know that may sound strange, but it has just been a real eye opener.

Please pray for us as we as a family are trying to make a very concerted effort to live the life that God expects of us and that will make Him proud to call us His children. Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Does anyone keep their word anymore - Part 2

Well evidently I am just a nerd who expects too much! My daughter had no clue that the money I gave her today for Six Flags - money out of the clear blue sky - had no connection to the promise she made me of helping me at work. She thought I was just feeling like being nice. Now I have my moments where I like to be nice, but let's keep in mind that her bathroom is horrible - I asked her last week to clean it up, the kitchen has not been cleaned up. Her definiton of clean is loading the dishwasher. There is no wiping down the counters or sweeping the floor. In addition to the fact that we have the whole "Yea I will go to work with you and decorate your door for Halloween." I just feel like I am getting the short end of the stick right now! Again this is NOT a pity party - it is a venting session. I am beginning to think I am just way out of touch with being a teenager!

Does anyone still keep their word anymore?

Ok, this is NOT a pity party, but a soap box! I have had two experiences today that have infuriated me about people keeping their word. So please read these instances and respond to me. I would like to know if I am just old fashioned, expect too much or live in a different world.

First of all, my daughter, Jamie, told me she would go with me to work on Sunday to help me decorate my door for Halloween. I am the manager on duty on Sunday. There are alot of little things that she could help me do, and get paid for, since I am the only member of management that will be there. So, we had a plan. Last night a girlfriend of hers invited her to go to Six Flags with her today. So being a good mom, or so I thought, I told her she could go. Tickets were free - how much better can you get? So I have been texting her this morning. I talked to her just now and asked what time she would be home. She said she did not know. I asked if her friend's mom could bring hr home and she said yes, BUT...if it is too late she said I could spend the night again! I said what about going to work with me. She said, I will if I can! This really flew all over me! I don't want to be a mean person, and I am not trying to be a friend to my daughter. I am basically tired of being the responsible person. Any feedback?

Second situation. This person will remain anonymous. This person had been volunteering at the nursing home - mostly in my office. So as things came up that needed to be done, I would contact this person. I have a new project that I just found out about. I asked this person yesterday, and I was told, " depresses me to go up there." I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but since when do we do only what we want to do? It does not really make me want to turn cartwheels to go into a nursing home and see these people in the conditions they are in, however, it makes me feel a little better about myself and about our world knowing that I may be able to brighten someone's day just by giving a little bit of my time. Am I totally living in another world? Please somebody give me some feedback!

Friday, September 19, 2008

DHR is not here yet....

Well, it has been so long since I posted anything, but I thought this would be the greatest way to get back in the spirit of blogging...

Last week, I got a phone call at work from the school. This teacher identified herself as a behavioral specialist, and she had been working with Jacob on his temper and mouth. Now before we go any further, please help me understand where he gets those two characteristics. Anyway, she proceeds to tell me that Jacob has told her that I "whip him with a boat paddle and lock him in the closet when he does not do what I ask him to do...he eats popcicles and cereal for supper every night."

I was totally shocked - speechless. It was to the point the lady asked, "are you there?" I said, "Oh yes I am here." We continued to talk and I basically had to tell her my whole life story in order to keep her from calling DHR."

Do ya'll know how I really wanted to beat him with a boat paddle? Oh I forgot - I could not do that if I wanted to - why? - the boat paddle is on the roof of the house where Jacob chunked it two weeks ago.

Does anyone else have hellion children? Please don't get me wrong. I love both of my children very much, but never in a million years would I have thought one of mine would go to school and tell such.

Anyway this is just one of many upcoming posts! Have a great weekend!