My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Thursday, September 24, 2009

thankful thursday

i have been busier than a one armed paper hanger - ok that may not be a social worky kind of thing to say...but good, boy scouts, church, family, work and a thousand other things....

here is my thankful thursday...
- i love our church - been a long road
- my kids do not have the flu - bronchitis and mono
- my hubby - he puts up with my craziness
- my family - all of them - the nuts included
- my job - i have a great job and great boss...she has been so patient these past few weeks
- fall weather
- good books
- quiet time that i am going to get this weekend with the family
- that i still have both of my parents - so many of my friends have lost their parents recently
- my sister - i love her dearly
- SEC football - BAMA the most
- that a dear friend of mine was not seriously injured in a wreck last weekend
- for all of my friends
- for my children - they keep me rolling

now for a jacobism -
- he told someone at work that i was so mean i would make madea run

hope everyone has a great weekend...

Monday, September 14, 2009

be careful....

When I was a child I had a sunday school teacher who always said that we must be careful for what we pray for and we must be specific...well I am thinking this is nuts because number one God already knows what we are praying for and number two He knows how much of it we need...well of course this is in the mind of 12 year old girl who is more interested in the cute curly blonde guy sitting in the corner chewing on his pencil...

Well for those of you who know me, those of you who have lost track of me, or for those of you who are getting to know me, you should know now thatGod and I have a very strange relationship...I love Him more than anything in this world...but sometimes I get in his way and I can't do what he has planned for me.....I mess things up REAL good...then I get discouraged and at the end of the day I am like, "OK Lord, I have learned my lesson...I know my tongue is going to get my head cut off...I am not going to say anything out of the way to anybody while I am driving home." This seems to work well for a while until I get to the I20 truck stop and Snowman and Smokey the Bandit decide they have to get to Texarkana before midnight...they pull out in front of me and the words fly....

I don't want to place the blame on genetics, even though my grandmother and father can cuss for 30 minutes and never say the same word twice...

Well last week was a rough matter how you cut just was not a good this morning I wake up with a new attitude. This is going to be a good week...I am feeling better...things are looking up. The day starts off pretty quiet and then around lunch it picks up like the last lap at Talladega. I am in a hurry to get a chart to check some labs. I pull the chart out of the rack, which is the right to put it, and the complete guts of the chart fall all over the floor. Mind you the fan is blowing this is a good mess.. I open my mouth to let some well thought out obscenities fly and there stands the chaplain. He looked at me...I looked at him...I bit my tongue. I don't know that he knew what was going through my head - I really hope he did not. I just sat down in the floor and started putting this chart back together.

So this is what Marlyn meant when she said we must be careful what we pray for and be specific...yes I want temperance and patience but not necessarily today! Thank you God for showing me your might and power right in front of everybody today!