My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Thursday, October 22, 2009

thankful thursdays....

i have so much to be thankful for...too much to list but here are some....
* dear friends that are more like family than friends - i will miss you aunt marsha
* beautiful weather that allowed my aunt marsha enter the pearly gates of heaven
*my dad is almost home - safely
*my job and my coworkers
*my kids - boy do i love those critters
* my friends that understand my eccentricness - is that a word
*every day
*my residents that i work with everyday - they are so sweet
*that i don't have to be sinless and perfect...and the Lord still loves me
*alabama football - sorry it is the fall
*my pets
hope everyone has a great friday

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gin and Beck's Wild God Chase

Dear Santa, I want a GPS because my OCD friend who printed out 8 maps to get to Memphis did not print one to get out of Memphis...We could have gotten to Memphis from Denver. The drive in was great...followed the directions...found hotel that should have been rented by the hour (i will exlpain that later.) found olive garden and found the forum...enjoyed some praise and Jesus and God and Beth and Travis and the list goes it is time to turn in for the evening so that we can be fresh children of the Mighty King...this is where the story derails....see we had maps in every direction going to memphis but noone leading we had to turn afore mentioned maps upside down to try to get we do...EVERY ROAD WE TURNED ON WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went in the same five block circles a bout five times. Don't ask me why we did not stop and ask directions form all the police officers...that would be they were too busy doing something else cause their cars were empty....yes i said empty. So my wonderful friend beck , says, oh there is a group of officers...i roll up to the red light...let me tell yall...they were officers all right just not police officers...they were in one of the groups where you got to kill someone to get in.....look i am into saving lives not ending this point i look at becky and i say "I don't care where the next ramp to the intersection is we are getting on will lead to somewhere." sure enough we find an on ramp get up on the freeway and are welcomed by, "Welcome to Arkansas." At this point i realize becky is terrified of bridges. She has toenails, all 10 of them dug into my carmats....if we had had a wreck she would have broken every stinkin toe...we get across the river and back...we decide that we are going to stop at taco is open all night....hungry people who know the city will be there....listen they had some fun with us...they knew we were lost...they knew we were from out of town...gave us our drink free and some directions...wrote them down directly...we ended up in corinth, mississippi a good 50 miles from where we were headed....we were so exhasued by the time we got back to our room...we did not know that beth's title of her lessons were going to be, "on a wild God chase" but sister we chased a goose a long time before we got to GOD!!! Praise the Lord. So we checked out the very morning, I overheard a lady say, "We should have these rooms by the hour...we were only here 4! I do it again for GOD!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

t-minus not soon enough...

dear readers...i am so you hear is less than 72 hours before i hit the road and have a road trip with my college roommate - becky - we are both so excited...i know alot of times people lose touch with their roommates...well let me tell you me and becky are closer than ever...we have been through marriages, births, deaths, family issues and soooo much more together and i can't wait to see what God has up his sleeve for this Beth Moore get prepared and for other reasons, becky, suggested, no she TOLD me to go buy the book, "Get Out of That Pit"...i am so glad i did...this woman speaks from her heart....she has not had a rosy life herself...we are alot alike...anyway...besides that we will not have any not misunderstand me...there are no two women on this earth who love their younguns like me and beck...but she has 3 under 6 and i have a pre teen and a teenager...HELLO.....i am so excited i am having trouble sleeping - do you notice that it is midnight....oh well....

i told my co workers that i was going to get some santification...heaven knows i need it....the past few days i have been thinking how i would look in stripes cause i thought i was going to jail a few times....just for your information...i don't look good in stripes....i am round already and i do not need any help looking like a macy's day balloon floating down broadway....

have a great hump day!!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

thankful thursday night turned into freaky friday but ended as a super saturday.....

ever had one of those days when you should have just stayed in bed...when i got home from work yesterday i had been up since 7 on thursday morning...this begins the finish of thankful thursday i have horrible insomnia and i take medication...but sometimes that just does not work...when i laid down thursday night i told my husband, "it is going to be a long night"...anyway...freaky friday morning's alarm clock went did not bother me...i was already awake...anyway, the day started off good...found out i did not have to work on saturday...oh yeah i was convinced i was the manager on duty for saturday... i did not argue...had lunch with my mom and sis...went back to work....looking like i was going to get to leave early...nope that is when the nursing home became the nut house....remember there was a previous post entitled, "nursing homes are not nut houses" - wish i knew how to do that cute little strike through think becky and hillary do...anyway in a matter of 1.5 hours the following happened...lady went out of the building who should not have...she was only on the porch but she just about whooped my tail trying to get her back in the building...another resident knocked the crap out of another one...and an unplanned discharge of a some of this may not make much sense to some of you but there are a few who truly understand the craziness of this...i did not leave the building until 6:30 the time i got home i had been up 35 hours...those of you who have lived with me or worked with me know this is NOT good...i absolutely crashed when i got home...super saturday started with me being awakened by alabama's fight song cause the game was about to begin...the only thing that would have been more beautiful to hear would be rammer jammer...i went into the kitchen to get that sacred first cup of coffee to kitchen was hubs had cleaned it that explains the title...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

thankful thursday

*fall weather
*getting out blankets for the fall and wrapping up with one quilt that my grandmother made*
modern medicine - i have sick children
*patience that i am developing - in other words not going into "reactive mode"
*that my dad is home from his summer job safely
*being able to give back to those who have given me so much
*the mini vacation i have coming up with beck
*some much needed "Jesus" time that I am going to get at the Beth Moore conference
*being able to go buy groceries and concentrate
*my co workers saying, "gin, it is october 1...where is the chocolate"...the little things they remember

In all things give thanks.....