My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sometimes you just have to flip...

okay, the one person that will appreciate this comment is beck. i went rhonda fitz on somebody at work. for those of you who do not know who rhonda fitz is, she is the reason i met beck. in one night, i met beck at the csc, cussed out rhonda, packed everything i had in a fitted sheet, threw it down the hall and moved in with beck. the rest is history.

anyway, i went to work yesterday. i was not in the greatest mood. i did not have a great holiday, it was very stressful and i was ready to go back to work. okay here is the story! we have a resident at the snf who is a high risk elopement, demented as a betsy bug and sleeps with a fork wrapped up in a sock. needless to say, do you think we need to have her real close to then nurse's desk? so i make the suggestion to move this lady to a room that is across from the nurse's desk, away from the doors and she is off of the back hall. sounds realistic and logical to me. so when i leave work on wednesday, i let the charge nurse know that our executive director has said this resident needs to be moved - tonight. so i go into work on yesterday and the lady has not been moved. so i simply asked if the resident did not get moved because the room was not clean. this unit manager, we will call her nurse eyeballs, because she cuts her eyes at people all the time. nurse eyeballs proceeds to go into a tyrade that i can't make room moves at night, i need to get with nursing staff to make any moves and yada yada yada. eyeballs then proceeds to scream for the nurse, we will call her nurse wratchet, hope this spelling is correct, but you get the picture. eyeballs screams, yes i said screamed, did you know that she is moving...just another promise she is supposed to be on another unit!" nurse wratchet screams at me why is resident moving. so as if i need to explain anything to her, i begin to explain the rationale behind moving the resident. remember i make the decisions on room changes. she looks at me down her nose and over her stinking little glasses and screams, "what is that going to solve?" at this point i am fit to be tied. i turn and look at both of these "nurses" - i think they are both a disgrace to the nursing profession - and say "first of all i am not in the problem solving business...i manage chaos...furthermore, i do not question the clinical decisions that you make everyday as you care for your residents; therefore, you will not question my decisions as the director of social i make myself clear?" nurse wratchet proceeds to say, well you don't have to fly off the handle to which i replied you don't have to ask so many damn questions. as i am walking down the hall some other smart ass employee says, well ginny just got her first dose of judy, this would be nurse wratchet. i did not turn around or miss a beat - i said judy just got her first dose of ginny. needless to say nurse wratchet or nurse eyeballs did not have anything to say to me today. this was the first of two major catastrophies that happened yesterday. i will blog on that issue tomorrow. i think i will change the name of my blog to the life and times of a nursing home social worker. again, why could i not be rich instead of so good looking? this is what my father always asked!

Monday, December 18, 2006

It is not my job....

I am so tired of hearing people say, 'it's not my job!" You know I wander if Jesus ever thought that it was not his job to do something. I work in the helping profession of healthcare. If people would stop and think, most people do not go to the hospital or nursing home because they do not have anything better to do. The people who are in the hospitals or nursing homes are sick...less than better health. They are ill, don't have the privacy of their home, have not had a bath or at least a good bath in several days and the list goes on. I am not here to say that I take care of every patient and every need they have. Nor am I saying that I am perfect but for crying out loud!!!! I have cleaned toilets, wiped tailends, fed, washed dentures and many other unmentionables. When I was in college, these things were not listed in social work 101. But let us make one thing very clear, you will not hear me say is "That is not my job!"

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just an update

I had a minute to update my blog. Not much has been going on here in our little world. Jamie has just turned 15 and I have had 5 teenage girls at my house overnight. Yes I think I have officially lost my mind. The kids are out for the holidays, which I am so happy. Jacob is such a pickle in the morning, and I am so sick of Jamie's algebra teacher I could scream. We do not have any big plans for Christmas. But we are going to the Beau Rivage - I think that is how you spell it - on NYE. We were supposed to go to Gatlinburg on December 2 to a friend's wedding. Nothing went right. We ended up not going. We have not been anywhere that has just been the two of us in a very long time. As I said, nothing comical or dramatic has happened. I will update later with another bassakward tale. love to all.