My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The 15 year old love triangle...

i am not really sure what the title of this blog should be. i am so miffed right now with my 15 year old. why is it that they think we as parents are stupid. this tyrade started yesterday as i am waiting at the surgery center with my mom. there was a kid, boy, in there who was about 12. he got up to walk outside and his dad asked where he was going. he said outside. his dad told him no because we were in downtown birmingham. the kid turned and said i'm hot and i'm going outside. first of all i am 31 years old and if my mom or dad told me no i would sit my butt down. why? number one i would not want to pick my teeth up off the floor, number two you just don't do that. anyway. so i come home yesterday and my 15 year old says, can i spend the night with sue - i am changing names of these minors. she proceeds to tell me that there will be about five girls spending the night at sue's house. now it is important to realize that "sue" is my 15 year old's ex boyfriends ex. here is how the timeline goes. sue and joe go together. sue and joe break up. joe starts going with my 15 year old. now my 15 year old and joe break up. joe and sue are back together. now that you have the timeline here is the rest of the story.

so this afternoon, joe calls here and asks me if it is okay if he goes to sue's house while my 15 year old is there because he and sue need to talk to my 15 year old about "some issues". i promptly and curtly remind joe that i pay a trained professional to talk to my 15 year old about her issues. he says no, these are issues related to me and sue. i tell him, if you and any other army need to talk to my 15 year old about anything you can do it in my house. he did not like this.

so stephen and i begin talking to our daughter about how messed up this situation is. she contends that she does not have feelings for joe anymore. i find this hard to believe since they "dated" for almost a year. for some reason, she seems to think that they can all be "one big happy family." am i over reacting? wait it gets better. so stephen tells our duaghter that joe and sue can come over to the house and we will all sit down and discuss this situation. at the end of the conversation, sue decides that she is not coming over because she wants to go to a party. so joe comes over to his ex girlfriend's house while his current girlfriend is at a party.

is this messed up or am i just that old? i am telling you raising children is an adventure. i know there are people in the world who have lost their children and would give anything to be in my shoes and there are people who would love to be able to have children. i am by no means wishing that i did not have these problems, but it just seems so strange to me that things are so different. i told my mom the other day that you take your children to church, you raise them the best you know how, you give them everything they need and could possibly want and it still is not enough, it is not good enough and they still have issues. for those of you who know me well, you know what issues i am speaking of. well i guess i have vented enough for now.

I have a new camera....

After 10 years, I finally splurged and bought myself a GOOD digital camera. I have been playing with it. I could really kick myself for not getting one sooner. The pictures posted are just random dog - at least one of them I have four...and yes the lovely critters I call children. There will be an additional post about those critters.

With the software that came with my camera I can make invitations, greeting cards, etc. As many of you know, I am technologically challenged, so all of you probably knew that this could be done. Humor the social worker!