My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Bass Infirmary...

I just hope I spelled infirmary right!!!! Anyway, can I tell ya'll just how sick I am. Sick, sick, sicker than a dog. Okay enough drama. You see I got sick Tuesday night after cutting grass. I thought oh just a little bit of dirt up the ole sinuses, blow it out with some saline and everything will be fine. Oh no!! Nothing is ever simple for Virginia!!! I go on to work Wednesday, go in late on Thursday - yes this is at the new job - and Friday morning forget it! Can't talk, can't move, don't want to talk and don't want to move! So I suffer through Friday. Jamie and her friends come over to watch movies while Stephen takes Jacob to see "Cars". I must admit the teenagers were good. Stephen leaves Saturday afternoon to go to his mother's house - with the children. I am at home to be miserable - at my own request. I ask Big Aud to come out to the house and stay with me, but she is cooking. So I get up in my workout pants, nasty Relay for Life shirt and dress shoes and go to my mom's house. (It was the only pair of shoes I could find with no effort.) I spend the night at mom's house. Sunday my sister, Skinny Lib, comes to visit. I tell her bye because I am fixing to somehow take my nasty sick butt to the doctor. She says, "Oh but no! I will take you!" We get to the clinic and the drama begins.

Why is it that every time I go to the doctor they have to give me an IV? I drink all the time. I am diabetic. Part of being diabetic is being thirsty all the time hence the reason you drink all the time. Dr. Hamer says, "You are have fluid behind your right ear drum...a river behind your left ear drum and your heart is racing...oh by the way, have you ever wheezed...well it is back with a vengence...your sinuses are screwed up...I can't see through them!" Nice to see you too doc! So they start an IV - only after three attempts, pump me full of fludis, run Rocephin through the IV and gives me a RX for Endal, coug syrup with a kick, and Zythromax. (For those of you who know me very well, it is usually no less than about 10 sticks to get an IV.) Then my sister says, "Can she go back to work?" His response, "Gosh dang no...she can't go back on the floor sick as she is!" So now here I go back home to call my new boss of all of three weeks to say, "Hey, I have the crud...I can't come back to work till Wednesday." But you know what? God blessed me with this wonderful boss - unlike others I have had - and she said, "OK, get better...we will handle it!" I say, "Am I going to get in trouble?" She says. "Why for being sick?...get well." Oh for the small blessings in life.

Okay it is almost 24 hours later, I still feel like crap. I cough nothing comes up, my chest hurts, and I can't get my breath. OK now I know how CHF patients feel. I don't know who is the worst patient, nurses, social workers or men. It is definately a toss up.

On a happier note, my nephew, Bill, has finally gotten a job and an apartment in Lousiana. He will be at least within an hour of Hannah. I selfishly want things to work out to where we can all be one big happy family, but I the common sense side of me wants Hannah to know her mom and dad. Keep them in your prayers. Another Bass Akward tale later! Love to all!