My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reality Check

you know it is great to be alive! i don't really know where this thought came from, but it has really been on my mind the past few days. there is baby ethan fighting for his life, a co worker of mine was in a real bad car accident and is in critical condition and then there are the people who live at the nursing home. i worked today and had some quiet time. i was looking over the census and we have people from 18 to 104. 18 years old and in a nursing home. i cannot imagine. i spent about an hour today with one of my residents. he is 28 years old and very wise. he is a hurricane katrina evacuee. it was nice to sit and talk to somebody who has traveled a different road than i. we talked about the Bible, church and such. i just realized that i take alot for granted and need to be more appreciative. i hope everyone has a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nailing Jello to the Wall

my father in law used to say that raising children is like trying to nail jello to a wall. i really did not understand that until jacob started school. for those of you who do not know, jacob is textbook ADD. if you have never worked with an ADD child, count your blessings. two rules to remember about ADD children - they do not adjust well to change and they are always right. now i don't mean i am right and you are wrong. i am talking that right is right and wrong is wrong. if someone is doing something wrong, then the ADD child feels that it is his responsibility to "save the world." now with all of that in mind, we go to jacob's day at school yesterday. i get a phone call at work from the school. it seems that jacob, otherwise known as superhero, that jacob had beaten the snot out of a little boy in the lunch line. jacob said that this little boy was breaking in front of other people in line - boys. then he did it - he broke in front of miranda. at this time, jacob felt that as a superhero he had to save the girl. therefore, he beat the snot out of the little boy. understand that jacob has spent quite a few days in on campus suspension because of his mouth and his "superhero responsibilities." i had to give permission for them to paddle my son. yes, i agreed for them to beat my child with a board. wouldn't dhr be proud? however, on a happy note, since this paddling, my superhero has not felt that his responsibilities were so great and his attitude has been much better.

on to another day -
last saturday my mom took jacob to my sister's house - lib. they all were going to hangout and just spend some time together. they go to mcdonald's for lunch. jacob informs lib that he needs to borrow her cell phone to call his girlfriend - hannah. he dials a number - the wrong one - gets frustrated and hangs up. a pretty little girl is walking across the resturant, and my sister says, "jacob, there is a pretty little girl" to which he replies, "lib, i am already juggling three who are trying to hit on me." so now not only do i have a child who is a superhero, but he is a superhero pimp. again, raising children is like nailing jello to a wall!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Satan goes to church...

now that i have gotten your attention. i have never wanted to cuss in church as bad as i did today. we had lunch after church today with a quartet - alliance - to sing at 1:30. well, it is customary that during intermission, different people from the church or community sing while the special singing group rests. well today, they asked me to sing. now for those of you who don't know, i do sing more than just in the shower. some of you may not have even had a clue. anyway, so our choir director asked me to sing. i had the song "thank you" by ray boltz in my purse. so i get up there to sing. i have sung this song a million times - no problem. well, i begin singing, it is going very well. but then things start to seem strange. i am looking in the audience to my friend shiela who together we decide that something is not going right. so i continue, making the best of it. still thinking that something bad is about to happen. then it does. the whole system shuts off- completely off. do you hear me? do you understand what i am saying? the whole system shuts off. now bear in mind that i am already a little ticked to start with. we will discuss that in a minute. i cannot believe that the system has just shut off. no music, no sound, no nothing. this is just the end to a perfect day. before i knew it, i said, "that will be just about enough." i turn the microphone off and plop it down on top of the piano. i go back to my pew, and the preacher's wife leans up and says, "you know...we have been having problems with the system doing just turns off." do you think you could get a new one before you have people singing in front of 100 people. unbelievable.

okay, now to the reason why i was already ticked. most of you know that i was raised in the church of christ. we all know the jokes and the redicule that comes with it. my opinion is this, unless you were raised in the church of christ and you know the whole story and all the principles, then you do not have the right to make any comment on the situation. now do not get me wrong. i have made the decision to go to a different church than the church of christ. i have good reason. however, folks need to get some business and get in it. i love our preacher, brother harold. but sometimes, he makes me really wander if there is a filter between his brain and his mouth. this morning he preached on false doctrine. okay this is a good topic, because lord knows there is plenty of it out there. he goes into the catholics, mormons, jehovah's witness and then he did it. he went there. the church of christ. he stated that if all you do is go down the aisle, shake the preacher's hand and get baptized, you are going to a devil's hell. now what i think and hope he really meant to say is that if you truly do not repent your sins to God and you think that just being baptized is the answer, then you are going to a devil's hell. well i am seriously outnumbered in the church. i am surrounded by people who are saying amen more times than carter's got liver pills. so i am already in a foul mood, but maybe i did not go to church with the right attitude this morning. so then the incident with the sound system just really did it. so as i said, satan goes to church because he was sitting right next me. have a great week!