My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Friday, May 28, 2010

thankful thursdays....early on friday morning...

i am still up at 230 in the am....i cannot sleep...i have alot of fun stuff and not so fun stuff to do this weekend and next week, but i still have to post my "thankful thursdays"

1. my daughter, jamie, graduated from high school tonight
2. my son, jacob, passed to the 6th grade, his report card was awesome
3. my grandmother, two of my aunts, one uncle, my parents and my sis were all there to celebrate jamie's accomplishment
4. ganny and pawpaw and ande z were there too...but they also had relatives that were graduating, but hey i will take it however i can get
5. i get to have lunch with my bff and another dear friend tomorrow
6. my hubby is working from home on friday - yeah.....
7. i am beginning to get into a routine of being at was not so good but we will get back on track
8. my husband has encouraged me to stay home and get well...he has no resentment in this statement...he is the best....
9. my hubby surprised me with the new Gaither Vocal Band CD....good stuff
10. i am not in the hospital

yes this list is simple but isn't that how it is supposed to be :) blessings to all...hope you all have a great memorial day weekend.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

ramblings from a tired brain....

not alot going on around here...what is going on you would not want to read...but here are a few -
*went to farmer's market with my dad today - had a blast - bought peanuts, squash, purple hull peas, green beans and sweet potatoes
*at one point my kitchen looked fabulous - notice i said "at one point"
* four more days of school - will have one graduated and the other in 6th grade
*my mini garden is growing like a champ
*multiple doctor appointments
*have realized that no one wants to complete paper work even though my health is dependent on it
*cannot sleep at shoulder hurts horribly at night so i take my naps during the day so i can clean at family does not like that at all
*some people just want to be miserable *learned the difference between wants and needs
*most importantly - BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED - several of my friends but most importantly my momma keeps telling me this
*finally - there is a an old hymn called, "The Lord Will Find a Way for Me"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

recipe swap....

i have not done one of these in a long time...but they are fun

Mexican Rice Casserole

1 can Mexi Corn
1 box Zatarins Yellow Rice
a bunch of cheese

Make the rice according to directions on the box. When done, add can of Mexi Corn. Stir all ingredients together. While stirring add cheese. When stirring is complete, top with desired amount of cheese. I use colby and chedder mix. Pour in casserole dish and back in oven on 35o degrees until the cheese is bubbly. MMMMMMM..........

thankful thursdays....

been a while since i posted a thankful thursday so i think it is time for one...of course i don't think anybody reads these anymore but oh well...

1. i am thankful for my God who has taken me back into his loving arms and has forgiven me for my sins...

2. i am thankful that my mother's hip has healed and she is only walking with a cane

3. i am thankful that my dad has finally gotten the right combination of meds and he is my old daddy again...

4. i am thankful for all the personal growth my sis has done...i am super proud of her

5. i am thankful that i am going to have my should repaired AGAIN tomorrow

6. i am thankful for the people at work who have been faithful to continually check on me

7. i am thankful for my friend Marlyn who is like a mentor to me...she is awesome

8. i am thankful and proud of my daughter and her decisions for her life after graduation

9. i am thankful that my son who is 10 still wants a "holdin'"..that is snuggling

10. i am thankful that i will be able to see alot of old friends at my church that i was born in and married at on Sunday...

11. i am most thankful this week for my husband who works so hard and is allowing me to stay home and heal and take care of our family...

what are you thankful for....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

before and after - pictures to follow

one of my friends and i are taking before and after pictures of rooms of our house and how crazy, unorganized and many other things...we are keeping it very REAL so as my friend said, "you may be shamed to be a friend after the pictures." friend, Becky, is so smart...she is really my sense of control and just tells me the way it is and my friend, Miranda, is my sense of reason....okay so i digress, anyway, i took one room today and cleaned Becky said, start at one side and work your way to the could still use some fine tuning but it looks ALOT better...the reason there are no pictures yet is because I can't figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to my computer...i really want a new real camera...also, i took a picture of the meal i cooked was baked chicken with basil and lemon, steamed squash and zucchinni, mac and cheese and mexi corn family is about to pass out because they have had two good nutritious suppers in two days... i think my kids are getting tired of me being around so much...i am finding some drama that goes on and i knew nothing about because i was working...well like i said before, i shot the sheriff and i am the new one in town - watch out! there is no reason for all this back talk, smart mouth, cutting of the eyes and asking my WHY......because i said so dang it.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

my new life...

well i consider this to be the first week of the rest of my life...this is my new life...i have decided to think of my new life is an "early retirement". did not start off very well but it got better...i still have until june 2 to make a final decision of whether i will return to feelings sway many times a day...anyway...the day started with a flare up of the gastroparesis...went out to my mom's house and got some loving...snapped two pounds of fresh green beans...then my sis cut the crap out of her hand and had to have four stitches...i then came home and cooked a good supper...everything is on my new diet that i have been told i need to look at just like a recovering addict looks at their drug of choice...think about it...if i eat the wrong foods (drug) then i get sick....i cooked fresh green beans, fresh turnip greens, mashed sweet potatoes, fresh, and KFC grilled was so good...did not get too much domestic stuff done today...i am telling you this housewife stuff i know nothing about...please someone leave me some tips....right now i am sitting in my chair in the den, with a full belly and feel ok....God has dropped many signs down to me that say "here is your sign Virginia" you know when you hear you first name you are in trouble....hope everyone has a great week...