My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the blessings continue to flow

*my daughter got a job

* i am still doing well

* decreased my meds by half

* no more surgeries scheduled

* looking for a full time job

*back to working part time

* spending time with old friends

* date nights with hubby

*air conditioner fixed

*a new car

*my son's reading is ROCKING right now

* summer reading lists - David Baldacci rocks

*too many more to mention

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

miracles still happen

i have been waiting a few days to post this...i want to share the healing that God has given many of you know I have been sick for 14 months...severe stomach issues...i have been to brookwood hospital several times and have had several procedures done to try to correct the issues...nothing seemed to work so they sent me to the university of south carolina for further more in depth tests...i was told in sc that i needed to have a gastric pacemaker in my stomach...i came home to get prepared for the trip to the university of mississippi...well i had a nerve block done last friday that sent my blood sugar through the roof...sent me into DKA...called my endocrinologist at Brookwood and found out that he was out of the country so they sent me to st vincent's where his parnter was working...while there a GI doc that i know came by and told me that we needed to put a tube down my nose to bypass my stomach and in my side to by pass my stomach but in the meantime he wanted to perform the next test to prepare me to go to we go for the 2 hour gastric emptying study....later that day he came back and said, "you are not going to like what i have to say." i said, "what, my stomach is rotten, i could have told you this..." he said, "no dear you do not have gastroparesis anymore" obviously this confused me...we talked for a little bit...he told me, "your test is 100% are healed my child." i was discharged from the hospital...i have not had any of my stomach medicines in almost a week, i have eaten anything i wanted to eat, went out to dinner with my hubs at olive garden on friday...i have not vomited in over a week....

over the past year and a half...i have had so many people praying for me...from coast to coast - north south east to west...i truly believe that God has healed me...even my blood sugars are normal....

don't ever give up on God bc although He may not answer your prayers in your time He will answer them in His time