My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Saturday, June 23, 2007

As the World Turns....

greetings to the few and faithful! things have been a little wild down here - ok so what is unusual about that. i went back in the hospital on 6-7-07 to 6-12-07. i have been sick for about a month prior to this with what i knew to be a some sort of urinary problem. but of course do you think i went to the md? no - that would make too much sense. so when it got to the point that it felt like midgets were jumping up and down on my bladder i decided to go to the md. she said there was so much blood and white blood cells in the urine she could not count them. so she put me straight in the hospital for iv levaquin and other goodies. she was scared because they traced the blood clot in march to a uti that i did not even know i had. anyway, i went back wednesday for another urine culture. she looked at it under the microscope before she sent it off for culture, and it still looks terrible. as she put it, "that is nasty." still blood and wbc. she has put me on cipro until the cultures come back. now remember i was on iv levaquin bid for 6 days and then took 5 additional pills orally. she said once the culture comes back she is going to put me on a daily antibiotic. we may be looking at a bladder scan and urethral dilation. i have heard that hurts real bad. other than that for me everything is fine.

jamie is going to have to have a mri done on her left leg and foot. i don't know if you remember, but several years ago her left leg began to swell. we have injured it a couple of times playing volleyball. we have torn the planar facia muscle twice. well now the foot starting swelling and hurting. now it is all the way up to her knee to the point her toes look like a pregnant woman's toes, she can't bend or flex her foot. she wears flared leg jeans and they are tight around that leg. i took her back to the ortho, and he said there are no fractures and he is puzzled. so we are waiting for bcbs to approve the mri. of course she still has her regular drama.

jacob is doing great. he has really matured alot in just a few weeks of being out of school. i still am probably going to hold him back b/c i just do not feel he is ready for 3rd grade. it is a hard decision to make but i don't want him to continue struggling. he is so loving. everytime you turn around he wants a hug. last night we went to a viewing of a little girl that we know who died of leukemia. she was only 8 years old jacob told me that he bet she was in heaven playing with paw paw. he was real sweet. he walked up to the casket and just looked at her. then he said, i am ready to go. he is going to a summer camp at a baptist church 4 miles from my office. they are really good with him, and he seems to enjoy it. they are certified k - 12 private academy. i am thinking about putting him there for a year. i have not made up my mind.

stephen is doing okay. he is having horrible sinus trouble, which makes it difficult for him to wear his cpap machine. hence the reason i am up and online at 5 AM. there really is not alot new with him. he is taking his lipitor medicine and seems to be doing okay. i don't know if you knew he had to have an emergency arteriorgram. he had no significant blockage in any one artery, but he had 33% overall. he has not lost any weight. he is interested in the idea, but not willing to do what it takes. i know it is hard, but i just worry about him. i have lost 46 pounds since october. it was hard for me to lose the weight, but i knew i had to do it because of my diabetes.

mom and dad are okay. of course dad is in montana where it is not 150 degrees. he said they got 8" of snow the other day. mom is going downhill physically. since this last knee surgery, she has not bounced back as quickly. she is still walking with cain. she will not allow me to set up home health to come out and do some pt on the leg. she is being real stubborn. she has no energy whatsoever. just to go to the grocery store and back she says it wipes her out. who knows? dad is doing great - at least that is what he is telling me.

work is work. i enjoy my job and the people i work with, i just don't like the corporate structure. you literally have to submit in writing if you need to fart. oh well, nobody asked me for my opinion. it is very rewarding to see people come in, go through our rehab program and then get to return home. i was part of the planning to transition a man back to the community who had been in the nursing home for 7 years. he is doing well and is much happier. i also was a part of helping a homeless lady that came to us for therapy find a place to live. so even though there is alot of red tape, it certainly has its rewards.

stephen and i went on a little weekend trip last weekend. we are at dinner and my cell phone rings. it says "home". jamie says, "mother" now we all know she means buisness. She says, "mother, would you please tell Jacob to quit playing golf in the house?" he had taken the handle off the swiffer and was using it as a club. God only knows what the ball was. you know they grow up way too fast, but it sure is fun while it lasts. love to all

well now that you have a mini novel on the life and times of the Bass family, i am sure your day is complete.

Life is fragile...

Well it has been a long time since I posted. Life has continued to pass by along with the struggles and triumphs that go with it. I just have come to the realization that life is very fragile. The Bible says it is but a vapor. This is so true.

In the past two months, more people that I know or who are close to have died. Some of them were expected. Others were not. Most recently was the daughter of a friend of mine. The little girl was 8 years old, and she had leukemia. You know, my daughter had cancer. We were very lucky that she is still alive. We all have been told it is not our place to question God's timing, but doesn't it make you wonder, why the children? You see and hear about all these bad people in the world who seem to never get caught or punished, but yet a small sweet child is taken so untimely. Another instance is a little 8 month old baby that I am acquainted with. He is suffering from a rare form of leukemia. His story is amazing. but why must the little children suffer. I know when our daughter was sick, my husband prayed for God to give it to him. Parents feel totally helpless and guilty.

These are just thoughts that have kept me awake tonight. This blog may go unread by many, but the words are at least on paper.