My Bassakward Group

My Bassakward Group

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Working was so much easier....

Heaven help us! I realized yesterday that working outside the home is so much easier than managing the "human resources" of your home! I had a spurt of energy and decided that I would declutter my room...I use that term very loosely. (My daughter said she was tempted to call the producers of Hoarding: Buried Alive.) I had 12, count them, 12 piles of clothes seperated and ready to wash. Now this did not even count the picking up of trash, cleaning off the dresser, cleaning off my bedside table, cleaning out the bedside table, CLEANING OUT FROM UNDER MY BED! Oh did I mention that the kitchen had to be cleaned before I could cook, then I had to cook and hope I did not burn it. Then right in the middle of all this I find myself grabbing onto the side of the bed to keep from falling in the floor. (I have been suffering with vertigo.)I have friends who are AWESOME stay at home moms. I. AM. NOT. ONE. OF. THEM. But with the help of the good Lord, I will get better at this...Then I was convinced that I would sleep like a baby. WRONG! The sleep fairy did not come till around 3 am. Oh did I mention that because of the vertigo, I got so nauseated I threw up my supper? I know, TMI. I said all this to say, you moms out there who rock your house with several small children and still have your rock my world!

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Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Ginny, I am trying soooooo hard to be content where I am. Because right now I think working outside the home just makes everything inside the home that much more difficult. So I ache to not have to work - even though I LOVE my job - but I realize if I didn't work outside, I would find trials inside. *ugh*
The grass is always greener...Isn't it?
And so I pray, Jesus, help me to be content where I am. Help me, please, to shine for YOU!